Jeanne McRight

Fine Art Photography

Artist's statement

The photographic process itself can imply a capture of time, and since this is the prevailing theme in my work, I often try to weave process metaphorically into the images I make. This happens technically in various ways - pinhole, for example, and also I like to stir digital together with film. Ultimately though, it’s the content that drives my work. Levels of memory, identity, manufactured histories, objects with transposed contexts - these are my areas of fascination. Science and literature are often jumping-off points. I wrangle the ideas they generate by working in progressive series that become photographic research experiments or visual short stories.


I'm a professional photographer and artist. I was eight when I got my first camera, and although I have a fine arts university degree, I am self-taught in photography, learning by doing what I loved best - taking pictures. With 35 years of experience, I've had gallery exhibitions across North America and been honored with more than thirty visual arts grants and awards. I am an active member of CAPIC, the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators and PPOC, the Professional Photographers of Canada.


My studio, located near Toronto, Ontario, is called Pix-Photography where I produce work for exhibition and sale. All of my photographic works, whether film or digital, are meticulous in their adherence to the highest standards of archival processing. Portfolio images may be purchased directly from this site. I welcome public and private commissions, which may be may be arranged  here.

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